We held our first distillers conference back in 2012. Since then we’ve held several events, on a year in person, and now we’re also offering one a year in the way of a virtual conference.

We also offer workshops and masterclasses, both as part of our conferences and as one off experiences.

If you’ve missed one of our past events, don’t worry. You can still check out videos, photo galleries and talk information here.

Past Events
26th February 2022October 21 / Past EventsThanks to the Spirits Business who kindly shared this article ahead of our our October 21 event. London trade fair the Craft Distilling Expo is set to return as an in-person event with several talks and masterclasses planned. The exposition and conference will take place from Thursday 30 September to Friday 1 October at the Boiler House of the former Truman Brewery, which is based in Brick Lane, London. Talks and masterclasses will be led by prominent figures in the distilling industry, including co-founder of the Craft Distilling Expo and The Global Spirits Masters judge David T Smith. He said: “As with the whole industry the last 18 months have been a challenge, despite the success of our online offerings. “We are really looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues, both old and new in-person this year. We’ve put on an exciting range of talks with an increasing focus on sustainability.” Joining him to lead how-to-make workshops, comprising the likes of gin and fruit spirits, will be fellow Global Spirits Masters judge Julia Nourney. A talk on ultra-sonic spirits by Puddingstone Distillery’s Ben Marston is also on the agenda, as well as a guide to botanical and spiced rum from Peter Holland, co-founder of The Floating Rum Shack. There will also be discussions on sustainability in the spirits industry, which will include topics such as water conservation and carbon footprint in production. A distillery directory, containing more than 650 entries on distilleries in the UK and Europe, will be available for attendees to collect. Tickets can be purchased from live.distillingexpo.com. The spirits industry is seeing the comeback of various events this autumn, including Tales of the Cocktails which takes place from today (20 September) to 23 September. Check out The Spirits Business‘ guide to the must-attend events at the annual festival here. Furthermore, The Spirits Business will co-host The Wine & Spirits Show Chelsea next month in partnership with sister title the drinks business. [...]
25th February 2020Event Archive / Past EventsCraft Distilling Expo – Programme 2019 THURSDAY 26th SEPTEMBER 2019 Pre-Expo Event: 09:00-10:20 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Hands-on Rum Blending with Peter Holland 10:00 – EXPO OPENS 11:30-12:00 – SPACE B – Keynote speaker – Ian Hart of Sacred Spirits 12:00-13:20 – SPACE B – Panel: How to Grow Your Distillery 12:00-12:25 – SPACE C – Distilleries in Small Spaces, Matthew Servini of Craft Distilling Business Limited 12:30-13:15 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Great British Rum with Peter Holland 13:00-13:25 – SPACE C – Chemistry of Botanicals, Matthew S. V. Pauley of Heriot-Watt University 13:30-14:00 – SPACE C – Carbon Negative Distilling with Russ Wakeman of Two Drifters Distillery. 14:00-14:50 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Aged Gin: Roll Out the Barrel with David T Smith 15:00-15:25 – SPACE A – The Benefits of Signature Serves, Sam Carter – Laverstoke Mill 15:00-15:50 – SPACE B – Panel: How to Start a Distillery 15:30-15:55 – SPACE C – “Are we running out of Juniper?” – Beacon Commodities 16:00-16:50 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Single Malt Whisk(e)y with Stephen Gould from Golden Moon Distillery 16:00-16:25 – SPACE B – Distillery Safety with Scott Allen, Allen Associates 16:00-16:50 – SPACE C – From Distillery to Destination with Amy Dobson, Distillery Manager at Laverstoke Mill 16:30-17:00 – SPACE C – Duty and Legal Issue in Distilling, Alan Powell, British Distillers Alliance 18:00-19:00 Gin and Tonic Networking Session FRIDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2019 09:00-10:00 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Nosing for Faults with Julia Nourney and The Aroma Academy 10:00 – EXPO OPENS 10:00-10:45 – SPACE B – Panel: Distillers & The Media 11:00-11:50 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Gin FAQ Vol. 4 – Pot Distillation of Botanicals 12:00-12:25 – SPACE B – Vacuum Distillation with Dr. Abbie Neilson from Cooper King Distillery 12:00-12:25 – SPACE C – Lab Techniques for Distillers with Robert Cassell 12:30-12:55 – SPACE B – Brand Ambassadors – An Introduction with Steph DiCamillo 12:30-12:55 – SPACE C – What Happens When Tasting Whisky: The Senses, The Brain and Emotions with Ian Wisniewski 13:00-13:45 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Old Tom Gin – A Fresh Look with Keli Rivers from Sipsmith Gin 13:00-13:45 – SPACE B – Discussion: Import and Export with Michael Vachon of Maverick Drinks and Chelsea Washburn of The American Spirits Exchange. 13:00-13:25 – SPACE C – Packaging and Branding Revamp: A Case Study with Warner’s Distillery 13:50-14:00 – SPACE C – Gin of the Year Awards Presentation 14:00-14:45 – SPACE B – Designing a Cask Management Program with Julia Nourney 14:00-14:45 – SPACE C – “How to make whisky and rum on a rectifiers license” with Odin from iStill 15:00-15:50 – SPACE A – Masterclass*: Beyond Gin: Botanical Spirits with Stephen Gould from Golden Moon Distillery 15:00-15:25 – SPACE C – Innovation in Spirits – Duncan McRae from Atom Brands 16:00-16:50 – SPACE B – Panel: Distilling in 2019 [...]