Gin of the Year 2019

Gin of the Year Competition 2019

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Terms & Conditions

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that the entries are received before the deadline. All delivery charges, fees, duty, taxes and other costs associated with entry are the responsibility of the entrants. The competition organisers will not be liable for any damage to the entries whilst they are in the possession of the entrant or at any stage of the delivery process. Entrants must obtain a Registration Confirmation Document  from Craft Distilling Expo Gin of the Year with specific instructions and delivery address prior to being sent. Samples sent to any address other than that on the Registration Confirmation Document will not be judged and will be destroyed.

To qualify for entry a gin needs to be:

  • Distilled in Europe and released for the first time between August 2018 and September 2019, however gins released before this period that have not previously entered Gin of the Year, may also be eligible to enter.
  • Produced via infusion or distillation of botanicals, or a combination of the two. The use of essences is also permitted.

The minimum sample size required is 500ml in a single bottle or equivalent. This is the minimum needed to ensure the effectiveness of the judging process. Samples will not be returned.

Organisers reserve the right to re-categorize an entry if necessary.

Samples need to arrive by MONDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER 2019. NB. We will forward instructions on how to send your samples. Do not send samples without first confirming the address with us or they will not be judged and will be disposed of.

There is no fee to enter the competition and so the only cost to enter is the cost of providing the sample.

Entrants are deemed to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Contact: David T Smith –

Craft Distilling Expo - Wednesday 25th – Thursday 26th September 2019

Gin Category Guidelines

Classic Style

A dry gin with a flavour profile reminiscent of the traditional gins that have been produced in London for centuries. Flavours are led by green, piney juniper and accented by the notes of other botanicals.

Contemporary Style

A more modern, less juniper-forward gin, but with the taste of juniper still being evident. Other flavours such as citrus, floral, spice and herbal notes play a more prominent role.

Signature Botanical Gin

Gins that focus on a particular botanical or flavour and prominently state this on the label. Flavoured exclusively through distillation, this results in a spirit that still tastes of gin, but has an extra focus on the signature component.

Aged Gin

Gin that has been matured/rested in wood, either using barrels or wood chips, with the intent of adding some wooden character to the spirit. Minimum aging period of one week.

Flavoured Gin

Gin that has been flavoured with something else after the botanical distillation. The flavour may be added via infusion or essence, and the product may be sweetened. This category includes all sloe gins, gin cordials and gin liqueurs.

Old Tom

A gin inspired by the popular style of the late 18th /19th century, which has at least one of the following characteristics: botanically-intense, sugar-sweetened, and/or botanically-sweetened.

Navy Gin

Gin bottled at between 57-58% ABV.

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