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The Craft Distilling Expo brings together the world’s pre-eminent Master Distillers, Still Makers, Packagers and Marketers, Professionals and Connoisseurs in an Exposition and Conference offering talks, workshops and displays.

We’ve been providing education and a space for exhibitors and distillers to meet for almost a decade. Here you’ll find information on upcoming events, as well as our previous events, including links to talks, resources, details of the winners of our Gin and Rum of the Year Competition and of course our directory, an ever growing list of distilleries in the UK and Europe.


Craft Distilling Expo

Thursday 6th – Friday 7th October 2022

iStill: Platinum Exhibitor for this year's October 22 Craft Distilling Expo. iStill: Distilling Made Easy.


Our people make us what we are. Delegates, exhibitors and sponsors, you are all part of it.
Avian Sandercock

Avian Sandercock

Head Distiller - The Wrecking Coast Distillery

"Having attended Craft Distilling Expo for the last seven years, as exhibitor, delegate and speaker, this important event is a highlight for all of us in the craft distilling world. I always look forward to catching up with friends and meeting newcomers, catching up with suppliers and seeing what’s new. Plus, there are always great talks by the best people in the field. I wouldn’t miss it!"

Daniel Szor

Daniel Szor

Founder - Cotswolds Distillery

"As the main event of the year for the craft distilling scene in the UK, the Craft Distilling Expo has always been an essential chance for me to get out of my distillery and meet both fellow distillers and suppliers to the industry. The conference content at the expo has always been top-notch, I’ve learned and been inspired by it over several years and can even say that some of our products came about as the result of inspirations I had listening to the brilliant presentations. As a networking opportunity it’s always been a key time for me to connect, see and be seen, and also to meet existing and new suppliers. I can even tell you that if it weren’t for a meet-up at the first-ever expo with our still-maker Forsyth, we might never have been able to connect personally with them and build the excellent relationship which ended in their building our entire distillery!

James Young

James Young

Founder & Distiller - Old Youngs Distillery

"I attended the Craft Distilling Expo both before and after I founded Old Young’s Distillery back in the Swan Valley in Western Australia. I learnt a huge amount from the workshops and speakers, drooled over new equipment at the Expo, added copious notes to my To Do list and maybe most importantly made significant connections that continue to pay off until this day. I think of the Expo as taking 3 months of googling and stuffing it into 2 days!"

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